Industrial Hygienist

Peter Grimson


About Me

A goal-oriented hard worker with a penchant for problem-solving, Peter Grimson has established himself as a reputable Industrial Hygienist. His career is marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a constant strive for improvement. His dedication to his work has resulted in innovative workplace solutions and meticulous oversight of regulatory compliance, earning him industry recognition.

His journey in Industrial Hygiene began after graduating from Loyola University, Chicago. He kick-started his career at FMI Transition, a leading industrial services company in Arizona. Here, he quickly demonstrated his hardworking nature and goal-oriented approach, contributing significantly to his professional growth. His expertise includes computational fluid dynamics modeling, optical gas imaging, and Python programming, skills that have been invaluable in assessing workplace exposures.

Outside of his professional commitments, Peter leads a balanced personal life, indulging in unique hobbies. He has a profound interest in mineral collecting, a passion that can be traced back to his roots in the mining industry. Additionally, he enjoys home renovation, taking pleasure in transforming old homes into functional living spaces. His goal-oriented nature and continuous learning efforts shine through in these personal projects.

His unwavering commitment to his work and continuous learning have not only shaped his career but also enriched his personal life. His appreciation for the intricate beauty of minerals reflects his attention to detail and love for nature, while his home renovation projects showcase his practical skills and love for creating functional, beautiful spaces.

His professional journey has been marked by a strong dedication to excellence in Industrial Hygiene, with particular expertise in exposure assessment and industrial ventilation. Peter’s advanced skills in computational fluid dynamics modeling, optical gas imaging, and Python programming have made him a valuable asset in his field, allowing him to assess and mitigate workplace exposures effectively.

But His influence extends beyond his professional life. He has a longstanding interest in sports, having earned numerous awards during his high school and university years. This same drive and determination were evident on the sports field, where he displayed an exceptional level of commitment and skill.